Leather case for player

It turns out that making a stylish leather case for the player yourself is not so difficult.

We will need:

1. A little skin, the thicker the better 2. Thick cardboard or plywood 4. Awl 5. Dull metal object 6. Water 7. A sharp knife.

Step 1

First, we need to cut out a shape from the material that is identical in size to our iPod. Since water will be used in our method, it is necessary to choose a material that is not too afraid of water.

Round the corners of the form as well as in your player, in general we need to make an exact copy.

Once the form is ready, wrap it with additional layers of paper (it absorbs excess moisture) and fix it with tape or tape.

Now proceed to the formation of the skin.

Cut two pieces of leather about 2 cm larger from each edge.

Then you need to soak the skin in water. After the skin absorbs water, it will change its color.

We lay wet skin on a pre-prepared form on both sides and squeeze everything tightly, see that everything is even and the form lies in the middle of pieces of skin.

Now you need that dumb item. Press and smooth all the edges around the form. Soaked skin should easily give in to formation.

If you firmly press a solid object with a pattern to the surface of the wetted skin, then we will get embossing on the surface of the skin. Thus, you can apply your personal logo.

Here's what you should get -

Then the skin should dry. Drying is best in vivo. It will take one or two days. For acceleration, you can wrap in paper that will absorb moisture.

After the skin has dried, it is necessary to stitch together the skin layers along the perimeter of the form. To do this, it is best to use a shoe hook. You choose the threads to your taste, but they must be as strong as possible. Stapling holes can be marked in advance using a ruler (this will be smoother).

Next, we cut off all the excess and make a cutout from above, for a convenient grip on your player.

When trimming the skin around the edges, it is better to leave approximately 5 mm from the seam.

The edges of the seam need to be wiped with wax, although you can not do this, over time, the skin itself will be worn off and will look good.

Here's what happened -

A leather case will serve you faithfully for many years, and made with your own hands will also bring pleasure as you use it.

Good luck

Source: rukikryki.ru