Iron + Printer = Exclusive T-shirt!

We print the image on an inkjet printer (laser and dot matrix will not roll) on a special thermal transfer paper (sold in many computer stores). I used lomond transfer paper. The layout with the image before printing should not be forgotten (as I did) to mirror in the editor. after the translation, it will look as it should

We crop the unsealed surface, leaving a border of about 5 mm from the image. it is better to round corners. white areas will be transparent, so it’s best to transfer pictures to white fabric (there is, by the way, paper for dark)

We put the printout face down on the desired spot on the shirt and begin to gently iron it with a hot iron at maximum settings for 3-5 minutes, gradually increasing the pressure. We pay special attention to the corners and edges of the image. the hottest place on the sole of the iron is the middle, so you should crawl on it. only use cotton fabric for thermal transfer, as synthetics can get crowded by heat

After that, we try to carefully remove the protective layer from the image. picking up the edge of the film with a fingernail, pull it up and along the fabric structure. if at the same time the image also peels off along with the film, you should glue the protective layer into place and iron this place again with an iron (but better, immediately warm everything up well)

It remains neat (sharp movements can leave small stripes, as on a card) to remove the remaining film and the t-shirt is ready.