Making a lampshade

A lampshade, or lamp cover, is not necessary to purchase in a store. It can be made by yourself.

After repairing the room, a piece of fiberglass remained. You can assume that you have in your hands the best material for making one or more lampshades with your own hands. All that is needed (except fiberglass) is glue in an aerosol package, a ruler and a hobby knife. To make the new lampshade made by your own hands strong enough, it is glued from two layers of material.

We recommend using primed fabric, then the lampshade will be tougher. If you want to make some lampshades with your own hands, first make a template from the roofing paper or thin cardboard, according to which you can cut several identical pieces of fabric.

You can also use our template, the dimensions of which (48 x 48 cm) correspond to the usual lampshade. If you need a larger or smaller lampshade, then this template is easy to fit to your size. The diameter of the hole in the lampshade is 55 mm. The hole in the folded lampshade is suitable for a cartridge with a diameter of 40 mm.

Materials: • primed glass fiber, 50 x 100 cm, • durable adhesive in an aerosol package, • lamp holder, • wire or lamp, • spray paint, • pencil, • double-sided adhesive tape (optional). Tools: • hobby knife, • ruler, • tape measure.

1. Evenly apply glue to the lower part of the fiberglass segment and bend the segment in half.

2. Press the top to the bottom and smooth the material with your hands. If you use a primed cloth, then the fiber does not remain on the fingers.

3. Cut the template to the dimensions shown in the figure. Put it on fiberglass and make a cutting with a hobby knife.

4. Bend the lampshade. After bending, shades can be marked on the lampshade beyond the boundaries of which glue should not fall.

5. We cover with cardboard the areas that need to be protected from glue, and apply it at the joints. Compress the parts and leave for a while.

6. Insert the cartridge into the hole. Attach the lampshade using a ring worn on the cartridge. The lampshade should not be too close to the lamp.

Source: DIY 4`2008