Camera gun.

Can I photograph the moon at home? “You can, ” the person who never held the camera in his hands will answer. “No, ” the professional will answer. To do this, you need expensive photo equipment worth at least $ 1, 500. An ordinary fotik will remove only a small luminous dot. Give it a try! I myself made a simple photo-gun, consisting of a digital “soap box” with 3x zoom and cheap Chinese binoculars with 12x magnification.

This is the future photo gun.

Using regular screws, the device is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The device is in a “combat” position. It is impossible to shoot the Moon from a conventional tripod, since the shutter speed is a few seconds, and small gusts of wind will “smear” the entire picture. The best tripod in this case is a bench vise.

General view of the photo gun. In 30 sec ordinary binoculars and a digital “soap box” turn into a powerful device with which you can shoot video with up to 36x magnification!

I always take photographic guns with me when traveling. After all, it is not always possible to photograph a bird from a distance of five steps. And a person from a distance of one hundred meters will not notice that he is being shot close-up. Currently I am making an optical tandem consisting of a camera with 5x zoom and binoculars with 18x zoom. The total increase is 90 times!

A photograph of the moon taken with my homemade photo gun. Image retained at original resolution. Craters and “seas” are well visible.