Antenna for 3G modem.

Antenna 3G USB modem: to increase the signal level and as a result of the stability of the connection and speed, you can use a simple, cost-free way. The subject was a Beeline ZTE MF-622 modem. Need a wire ~ 20 cm long, preferably copper (with a rubber braid or without, it does not matter). We wrap a few turns around the modem, the distance between the turns is 1 cm. We also need a CD or DVD disc, any unnecessary one, and ironing it, bend it slightly as shown in the photo. We direct our improvised device in the direction where the operator’s tower is located and ... voila.

Another way.

As you know, not everywhere 3G signal of good quality. From this, the Internet simply "dulls", but there is a way to increase the signal. This will help a conventional pan and USB extension cable. We connect your modem through an extension cord and put it in an ordinary pan or in a colander))), after these actions the signal will increase significantly and will be more stable. If you still manage to pull it out into the street it will be just fine and you can download the whole Internet xdddd)))