We make a cooler for the hard drive.

Tin cooler

Theoretically, the cause of overheating of the hard drive may be a poor quality power supply. Or rather, an overstatement or voltage drop on the bus +12 volts. Even a slight deviation from the nominal value can expose the electronics to unnecessary loads. After some simple manipulations with the tester, it turned out that this did not threaten us. The voltage drop at full load did not exceed 0.3 volts. Having crossed and mentally praising the Nyenschants firm for professionalism, I climbed into my magic bag. Ten minutes later, an express cooler for the hard drive was ready from the GEMBIRD DL - 39 fan, a piece of thin tin and a connector from a burnt CD - drive. By analogy with existing factory designs, the fan cools the hard drive from below (or above). Airflow due to the tin cover is emitted from the front and rear. I suppose further comments are superfluous.

To reduce the noise from the computer, I switched the fan to 5 volts. As a result, the temperature of the hard drive has decreased markedly, which was to be proved. I am sure that this simple design will be able to extend the life of the hard drive, and will contribute to the stable operation of the computer. And my friend and I will meet only on a pleasant occasion.

Source: hwp.ru