Jammer for the TV (Pig)

Sometimes it becomes necessary to make a big noise for the TV and radio range. For example, your wife watches "Do not be born beautiful, " and you need to see the Champions League. For this purpose, special devices are used - "Radio silencers" or according to the national "Pig". They are distinguished by a small radius of action (50-100 meters) and good ability to jam the signal. Image and sound can completely disappear.

Below is a diagram of a simple device for jamming television broadcasts.

R1 - 3.3k, R2 - 1.5k, R3 - 1.5k

C1 - 8 ... 30 pF (Trimmer capacitor)

C2 - 5.1 pF

C3 - 5-10pF (4.7 pF), C4 - 56-69 pF (27 pF)

VT1 - KT368

L1 - coil on the frame 6 mm, 4 turns of wire 0.5 mm

40 cm antenna of stranded wire

Muffler Power - 3 Volts. The adjustment is made by a tuning capacitor and a shift-extension of the coil turns.

Option II

Are you sick of a sick neighbor who listens to TaTu on the radio from morning till night, forgetting about his sleep and about his neighbors? Mom does not allow to watch her favorite cartoon by clicking the buttons on the remote control in search of her favorite series? Are you tired of living like that, do you want to get rid of evil neighbors and a dumb series? Then go into the closet for your expensive soldering iron and carefully read this article!

If you think that in order to fulfill your cherished dream, you will need a bunch of green presidents to buy a new TV, then you are very mistaken. All you need: a soldering iron and a couple of parts. If you understand correctly, then today we will be manufacturing a simple "Glushak radio and TV." "Well, finally this hell will end!" “You say, and ... you will be absolutely right.”

What is it?

You are walking along the street, accompanied by pretty girls. You notice that they are listening to the radio in the car. Then you make a couple of movements in your pocket. Now, instead of songs, one can hear crackling, squeaking and other crap coming from the car ...

Heh ... The girls are delighted with you, especially from the movements in the pants.

How it was

How did I like this circuit? To everyone! First of all, the minimum amount of detail, less can only be on the TV. I also liked the simplicity and ease of use. Of ALL my friends, far from electronics, ALL managed to collect it. What I regret to this day. The object for testing, as you already realized, was my mailbox.

By the way, when you try this 198th wonder of the world, beware of cars with large antennas on the roof! They are popularly called "direction finders." Why beware of them? Just when you once again jam the radio to a 98-year-old grandmother, she, without hesitation, will call the radio station on her mobile phone. Granny will tell them that her signature radio is not working. The operators, after checking and making sure that everything plows perfectly, can send to the area where the radio signal is leaking, as I said, a car with "horns". And she will easily find you. They will deal with you with special zeal if this "grandmother's radio" turns out to be a police wave or a fire wave.

Start with

Making this device is somewhat similar to the Lego assembly. If you do not have the necessary parts in your inventory (and you most likely do not have them), then the direct route to you is on the MiTiN0 BaZaR. Well, or if you want to buy a really high-quality gizmo that drowns almost all frequencies and the budget allows you to spend 300-500 dollars then you are here - www.jammer.su. All you need to buy is a mikruha and a tuning Conder, an approximate view of which you see in one of the photos.

Although there’s no need to buy a capacitor if you have an old radio lying under your bed. You will remove it (the detail) from there (do not forget to sanitize your hands with liquid ammonia and put on special gloves). So, the details are stored for two years, what's next? And then you can stick a soldering iron in the right outlet of the left corner of the upper table and run quietly "onto the track" so that nothing distracts you from work.

Okay, you can go back. The soldering iron will not wait for you. Take it in your right hand, in your left - this manual, and begin to thoroughly study the scheme, so as not to get into your two-year supply of parts. Why did she burn out? Yes, because there was no need to be distracted by physiology. The soldering iron should be taken at 40 watts, and not at 100. Chips tend to burn out at high temperatures! Remember these simple but necessary words. Although, if you have a domestic microcircuit ... To burn it, you need a gas torch or welding machine. In a word, DO NOT be afraid to experiment! Only in experiments will your individual model of Glushak be born.

I won’t offer to use fiberglass, you will get too much hemorrhoids, it’s best to solder with suspended installation (wires to the legs). No PCB, noise and dust.


Well, finally you came to one of the most important moments of this operation. When you solder, try not to be distracted by anything, especially on the naked aunts that stick out on every millimeter of the monitor (this interferes, I know from my own experience).

You will need 5 cm of solder (if you still have not found out from your 5-year-old brother what this is, read our FAK). And rosin. If there is no rosin, you can use any solder paste or solder liquid (HC-l, for example). Just do not use shoe polish in any case, it will very dirty everything. If there is no shoe polish, do not be discouraged, you can safely solder without it. Just soldering will be less accurate. On kraynyak, you can generally fasten everything with wires.

There are two ways to solder the microcircuit legs together: By bending them a little, solder together without additional material. Without bending them, just solder an additional piece of wire, this is at your discretion.

First, you need to consume food. The whole procedure consists in adding wires from the battery. They are connected as follows: to the 14th leg "+", and to the 7th leg "-".

As I have already crucified, soldering the microcircuit must be extremely careful, holding the soldering iron for more than 10 seconds on one leg is undesirable (not possible, but if you really want to, then you can). Oh yes, I forgot that you’ve already bought parts for two years - that means you’re not afraid of it. As can be seen from the diagram, legs 2 and 3, 4 and 5, 1 and 6 are soldered together, and some of them are not involved.

The second stage of work is reduced to soldering an alternating capacitor to the soldered legs: “3 and 5” and “1 and 6”. So the time has come to extract the most important component of this elixir from the old grandfather receiver "Sunrise". Your goal is a small square or round part, with which you can adjust the frequency of the radio channel. Found? Take a saw and saw it off with all the giblets, just remember to unplug the receiver from the outlet. Grandpa will be happy ...

This part has two contacts, the polarity of which does not matter - you can attach on either side. From the inside, it consists of a pair of thin plates, with the help of which the desired frequency of the radio signal will be tuned. It is better to solder it on wires 5-7 cm long. And you can directly.

Out of 10-15 such Glushaks, only one did not work. Want to know why? Just instead of the 74LS04 chip, I accidentally put the K555TM2, and it just burned out! And it was necessary to put K555LN1, it is the Russian analogue of 74LS04. I think the Russian brother makes a noise even cooler than the American one (although this is how to look). But the main thing: K555LN1 costs 2 rubles, and 74LS04 - 20 rubles.

At the next stage of the operation, you will need a piece of wire with a length of one meter, which will play the role of a contact antenna. It must be added to the 6th small-scale knife.

The finish

Last time, look at the diagram and the resulting salad, ask yourself the question about the correct assembly. If you are sure that you have assembled everything correctly, press YES. If you made a mistake, click on the NO button and start re-reading this manual. Although it can easily turn out so that your mistake will make our Silencer even steeper. After all, the chip works in non-standard modes.

Monstrous housing

The easiest way to make the case is to find a suitable box of the desired dimensions. A pack of cigarettes or a box of condoms are good. Only after that you can safely proceed to the most delicious - setting up our pest.

First test

The test must be carried out in the FM band. Cut any radio station and with a wild cry start turning the knob of the tuning capacitor (you must shout). Oh, nothing works and never will: we forgot about the battery. Run to any kiosk and buy a 9-volt Krone battery. Everything, now has to sniff!

If you suddenly did not have extra money for a new battery, do not worry: any alternating current source will do. The voltage of such a source should be no more than 6-12 volts. But in any case, I do not recommend using this method. You understand why. Well, where do you go with the extension cord and with the power supply?

True, there are little juicy charms in the power sources too. Especially if the source is home-made and does not work well, it will create another source of noise. Now we have two noise hanging out, and everything will be tweezers. And from the source you can get baaalshoy power.


The whole setup boils down to finding the frequency of the radio station on your hacker device. Scrolling the condenser slider back and forth a couple of times, you will find that at some point the sound in the receiver disappears. After that, spin it slower. Yes, it’s not so, only firefighters twist - it’s gentler. Imagine that this is your favorite ... pen from the nightstand. Hey, look do not get carried away, so as not to miss the coveted millimeter. And finally, all receivers within a radius of a dozen meters will shut up, as your mouse is silent.

The same thing happens when the TV is working. True, the effect is a little worse. This is due to the fact that TVs have become smarter. And I also have cable television at home: I had to wind the entire antenna onto a television cable in order to at least slightly disable this miracle of technology. But still, her friend failed to watch the 38235 series of "Manta-Barbara". So think for yourself where you will use the plug. If you still decide to jam the radio, then nothing needs to be changed. But if your goal is a TV, then I would advise you to double the antenna length ...

The experiments

Do not take this circuit as a reference. Just one of the options ... In fact, it’s enough to solder a couple of legs of the microcircuit with a loop of wire the length of a finger. Already this simple design will make noise. And if you draw several such loops, for example, between the 1st and 2nd, between the 3rd and 4th, between the 5th and 6th ... It will also be very cool to make noise =). So you should not monkey-play much, it is much more interesting to experiment. Put another battery, another capacitor, change the length of the wires between the legs, the length of the antenna. Write about your experiments to us, we will publish.