Wind generator

This simple device can come in handy when fishing, camping, etc. places. With it, you can charge a mobile phone, mp3 player, flashlight, etc. Lightweight, compact wind generator will be your assistant. . .

We will need:

- Old scanner;

- Rectifying diodes (8 diodes 1N4007 were used in the project);

- Capacitor 1000 uF;

- LM7805;

- PVC pipe;

- Plastic parts (see below);

- Aluminum plates (you can use any others).

In addition to the plastic pipe and electronic components, we need a stepper motor, which we will need from the old scanner. The photo shows a four-phase stepper motor.

You can get a stepper motor not only from the scanner, but from an old magnetic disk drive, for example.

Now that we have all the necessary components, we can start assembling the rectifier. For each phase, we need 2 diodes, i.e. only 8 diodes. The output voltage will be stabilized with a 1000μF capacitor and LM7805 voltage regulator. This generator can freely generate a voltage of more than 5 volts, however, within the framework of this project, 5 volts were enough to charge mobile devices.

We collect the blades.

All ! Now you can test the device, as seen in the photo - the device stably generates a voltage of 4.95 V. Now you can charge your MP3 player or phone for free!

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