How to bend in a PVC pipe

It is not always possible or desirable to cut the pipe to insert a drain having a smaller diameter. In this case, a device is used, which is called a pipe insert. It is a lining with a tap and a special mounting system. If there is no factory overlay, then you can do it yourself.

Will need

To carry out the planned work, you will need ordinary materials and tools:

  • pieces of plastic pipe of large and small diameter;

  • Bulgarian;

  • glue and brush;

  • Nylon ties - clamps;

  • marker.

Homemade pad

Here is a purchase pad of a smaller diameter:

I seem to do it myself is quite simple. We carry out the work in the following order:

  1. To do this, take a length of pipe of the required length, and equal in diameter to the pipe for which the bend is made, and cut longitudinally into two halves using a grinder or hacksaw.

  2. In one of these parts, a hole of the required diameter is drilled in the center into which an outlet is inserted, and the contact point is glued, welded or welded using a heat gun. The joint from the inside should be deburred, especially if it is a sewer pipe.

Lining installation

1. An outlet plate is installed on the pipe in the planned place, and it is fixed with a marker in the longitudinal and radial directions. The projection of the tap hole onto the side surface of the main pipe is also noted.

2. A square hole is cut out with a grinder, with a mark of a circle inscribed in it, which is carefully removed.

3. On the entire inner surface of the lining, glue is abundantly applied with a brush, which is then installed in the previously marked place, and is securely fixed on both sides with plastic clamps.

4. In accordance with the instructions for use of the adhesive, the joint is left alone for the specified time, after which the tap can be used for its intended purpose. By the way, the clamps fixing the cover plate to the pipe, left in place, will give the connection greater strength and reliability.

Summary remarks

Instead of a grinder, it is better to use a drill with a core drill to cut a hole. Then it will turn out not only neat, but also reliable in operation of the connection.

After drilling holes in the main pipe, it is advisable to remove and remove burrs from the inner surface of the pipe. This is especially important for a sewer pipe so that debris does not accumulate in this place during operation and there is no blockage.

Glue to increase the reliability of the connection should be applied to the pipe, previously degreasing the glued surfaces. The following adhesives are used for gluing PVC pipes: Tangit PVC-U (Germany), MARS, Koratac HF 300, Era (China), Poxipol (universal).