The recipe is extraordinary simple, and the product is great!

In the refrigerator can live up to two weeks without spoiling. "Delamination" has never seen just before. The consistency of the finished product is VERY thick. 1 egg 250 ml of refined sunflower (non-rapeseed) oil 1 tsp sugar 1/3 tsp salt 1 tbsp Spice lemon juice if desired (1 tsp of mustard - you get Provencal, garlic + pickled cucumber in small pieces (after whipping) - there will be tartar)

The temperature of the products is “as is”. Egg and lemon from the refrigerator, butter from the cabinet. Throw everything into a jar and stir in a blender until smooth.

Important! The whisk of the blender should be put on the yolk and pressed to the bottom of the jar. Otherwise, the mayonnaise will not thicken. Beat the yolk !!! Not oil. If you begin to whisk the butter with a gradual supply of yolk, the mayonnaise does not thicken.

Here is the process in pictures:

Egg Lemon

Whisk blender

Refined (odorless) sunflower oil. Pour the oil into a jar in which the mayonnaise will be stored. The fact is that it turns out to be VERY thick, and then shifting it somewhere is very problematic - it sticks to a spoon.

I measure the oil by weight. However, greater accuracy is not required. You can simply see what level of oil in the jar in the photo and pour the same amount on the eye.



Half a lemon

Squeezed lemon and its juice. He pressed with his hand by pressing.

In a plate, and not above a jar, in order to make it easier to remove the bones.

Pour lemon juice into the oil

Egg in a jar too

This time the yolk was not damaged

Lower the blender into the jar to the bottom. What would the yolk be inside the corolla! The whisk is pressed to the bottom of the jar! Beat the yolk, not the butter!

And we begin to whip. Immediately from the corolla a thick white mayonnaise begins to go. In the process, slightly raise the whisk to give access to oil.

Beat for about 1-2 minutes while stirring.

We clean the whisk

Ready to eat product. Very, very thick. I have never seen delamination.

Bon Appetit!!!

Author: Yu. Ryzhenko aka Altair Source: