Did the house lamp burn out?

Although the economy lamp, depending on the manufacturer, there is a guarantee, and even up to 3 years. But consumers may be faced with the fact that the light bulb has blown out, but you have not saved the packaging, purchase receipt, the store has moved to another place, that is, for some reason beyond your control, you cannot exchange a broken thing. We decided to offer you to use the original solution for the use of burned-out economy lamps that we found in the vast expanses of the Internet resource and offer it to you.

Remember, you endanger life by falling under 220V voltage!

The easiest way is to throw it in the trash, but you can make it ... another, and if there are several lamps that have burned down, then you can do it .... by repair.

If you at least once held a soldering iron in your hands, then this article is for you.

You can turn on the fluorescent lamp up to 30 watts, without a starter and throttle, using a small scarf removed from our economy lamp. In this case, it will light up instantly, when the voltage drops, it will not 'Blink'.

This lamp burns out in two ways:

1) the electronic circuit is on

2) the glow plug burns out

First, find out what happened:

Here is the housekeeper. Prying off with a screwdriver in places indicated by arrows (assembled on latches)

It is necessary to disassemble it like this:

Turn off the flask:

Bite off the power wires:

We call the flames (to decide whether to throw the flask or not)

I was unlucky, both filaments burned out (for the first time in my considerable practice, usually one, but not one when the circuit burns down). In general, if at least one burned down

we throw out the flask, if not, then it is working, and the circuit burned out.

We debug the working flask for storage (until the next burned-out housekeeper) and then we hook the flask to the working scheme. So, we make 1 out of several, and maybe more (as you are lucky).

And here is an option for making a fluorescent lamp. You can connect, like a 6 Watt lamp from a “Chinese” lamp (for example, I wrapped it with plastic from a green bottle, and hid the circuit in a burnt charger, from a mobile phone and got a cool backlight for the aquarium):

and 30 Watt fluorescent lamp:

Yeah, the writer is with me ... .. oh well.

Solder four wires (thick is not worth it):

which will go to the heat (immediately think about how and what will be mounted where),

and two on the mains plug, connect the lamp:

... to the power outlet, and behold, it burns

Try but carefully, the voltage is 220 volts. DANGEROUS FOR LIFE !!!

Source: edison.dn.ua