Police flasher strobe

Disco strobe with amazing police flasher effect! Compared with xenon, LED is more durable and unpretentious. It can also be used for cars.

To build our strobe, we need a chip k561la7

Well, the rest of the details.

Everything is clear from the diagram:

(click to enlarge)

R1 - R3 - 1 MOm

R4, R5, R6 - 2 kOm

R7 - R10 - 100 Om

C1, C4 - 10 uF

C2, C3 - 0.25 uF

VD - any

T1 - ct 315

T2 - ct817

Any zener diode for stabilization voltage 6 .... 9 volts

switch - any

LEDs - any super bright.

If desired, the tuning resistors can be replaced with constant resistors after selecting them.

Resistors R1 R2 adjust the pulse frequency.

Resistor R3 adjust the frequency of the pulses of "dragee". Capacitor C3 select the time of the pulse of the glow of the LEDs.

The switch is used to switch: ordinary strobe. or a police flasher.

Well, choose the number of circuits with LEDs yourself! For example, in my 10 circuits, and therefore 30 LEDs.

Design can be anything:

And it’s better to make two strobes: one with blue LEDs, the other with red !

Source: zdelaisam.ucoz.com