We build a house of matches

Today we will learn how to make match houses. This is a very interesting technique for making a souvenir (or pyrotechnic device :-)) from the cheapest material - matches. Moreover, you do not need either glue or nails. Interested in? Then let's go ...

To make a house, we don’t need standard tools to create anything useful: We will need:

1. Packing matches (at best, we use only 5 boxes.

2. A box from a CD-ROM or a book (it will serve as a table for assembly, which can easily be rotated without disturbing the design itself)

3. Coin (ideally - 3 Soviet kopecks, but you can use a 2 ruble coin. Paper money and credit cards will not work :-))

Place the box from the CD in front of you and begin assembly. Put two matches side by side, parallel to each other so that there would be a little less distance between them than the length of the match.

From above we make a flooring of 8 matches. Extreme matches should lie flat and form a square with those matches that lie below.

We put the second layer of the flooring (8 matches), perpendicular to the first. Matches that lie inside do not have to have equal distances between themselves, but it will be easier if you immediately place them straight.

Now we make a well of 7 rows. Try to make it smooth. The heads of the matches of the well should be arranged in a circle.

Carefully put on top of the well a flooring of 8 matches. It is desirable that the direction of the matches of the upper flooring be opposite to the lower one.

We put the second flooring, but now from 6 matches. We will add the last 2 matches later. From above, the resulting structure is pressed against the coin, like a press. Now we can work with the house, pressing it with a finger. If we did not use the coin, matches would stick to our fingers and the house could collapse.

While holding the house with one finger, we stick in the corner vertical matches (head on top) along the edges of the house between the decks.

The matches of the lower decks can be moved apart by another match, but at the same time make sure that the house does not move out of the lower matches.

So, four corner matches are stuck through the upper and lower decks and stand on the box from the drive.

We carefully stick matches along the perimeter along the walls, pushing the flooring with an auxiliary match and pressing the structure with your finger.

We squeeze the walls of the house from all four sides. We take out a coin. We don’t need her anymore.

Now you can pick up the house. Compress it on all sides.

We press the matches that went along the perimeter to the end so that they would press the flooring with their heads. The resulting square from the heads of matches will serve as the foundation of the house, that is, from the very beginning we began to build a house from the top.

We put the house on its legal foundation. We have a framework with matches sticking out in different directions. Now you can assemble a house on your hands, it will be more convenient. The sticking ends of the matches that we inserted around the perimeter will be the top of the house.

We make the walls. The walls will consist of two layers of matches - vertical and horizontal. We insert vertical matches on one side of the house.

We do the same with the remaining 3 walls, inserting all the matches with their heads up.

Now we put a horizontal layer of walls. Matches should go in a circle, as during the construction of a well and the heads of matches should alternate with the ends of the matches. After all the matches are inserted, press the heads of the horizontal matches so that they press the matches of the adjacent wall.

Ok, almost everything is ready. It remains to make a roof. We insert the missing matches into the corner holes and sticking the vertical matches of the wall from below, we take them out half to the top. Do not be afraid, do not fall apart.

We put the matches of the roof perpendicular to the upper flooring. Starting from the edges and alternating the directions of the matches, we put first 2, then 4, then 6 and in the two middle rows - 8 matches.

Now between the sticking up vertical matches we insert the matches with the “tile” heads towards the middle (a rather complicated process, you will understand why). We press the "tile" in a circle with the heads of the side matches, pressing on their fingers.

Everything, the house is ready. It can be decorated with a pipe (4 whole matches are inserted into the roof), windows and a door (you break the matches in half and insert them into the walls).

Protect the product from children :-)

Source: evelin84.narod.ru