Mini scales

Today in the morning the idea came to my mind to create mini scales so that you could lighten from 1g. began to look for different junk around the apartment from which they could be blinded,

then we need a soldering iron, wire cutters, an awl, a needle file, a nylon thread, two cups of medicine, (I have a cough medicine "XO") (or other suitable ones, you can use bottle caps), a needle from a broken umbrella, and all! 1) remove the excess from the knitting needles with a pair of cutters, it should come out:

2) then, with a superfilm, we clean out the place of convergence of the two spokes and solder a piece of dip with a soldering iron (I took the leftovers from the first point) something like this should come out:

3) in the cups with an awl we make three holes and we attach the threads:

4) collect the scales! I tied the cups with a thin copper wire to the spoke (there should be holes on the sides), then we fix the scales (I inserted them into the plastic tube and into the soldering iron stand):

5) we balance the scales, for this you can use any small objects by putting them in cups (nuts, pieces of tubes, pieces of paper) so that the arrow wire is parallel to the spoke on which the balance beam rests. all scales are ready! I had specials. laboratory weights, if they are not, then you can use our trifle! After weighing the coins, I approximately got:

5kop = 4, 100 25kop = 2, 800 10kop = 1, 600 1kop = 1, 400 50kop = 4, 120

work scales:

Good luck