Envelope for 4 CD discs from a sheet of paper

So, we will put together a useful origami, this time an envelope for 4 discs and still from one A4 sheet

1. No, we do not draw cartoon characters - this is a CD and folding arrows, not a dog’s face. Lay the disc in the center of A4 sheet and wrap the paper around its outline. 2. Mentally divide the curved sides into three parts vertically and bend back 2/3. To facilitate this task, for those who may not succeed the first time (or without a ruler) I will say: during the folding of the sides, 1/3 will shine through 2/3 and all three parts can be aligned with it, because dividing by 2 we get much better and faster than by three. For clarity, I drew a view from the other side.

3. Now we divide the bent part in half and bend inward.

4. Bend the structure horizontally to indicate the middle.

5. Put two disks in the lower edges with the working side down. We put two more discs on them with the working side down as well (for visibility of the disc cover or down for greater safety).

fire the top and bottom edges of our origami. Turn in the middle, closing the structure and get an envelope.


When carrying, it is advisable to fasten the envelope with a stapler on one side. Due to the upper and lower bent edges, the sides will practically not come into contact with each other - having folded such an envelope you yourself will see it. You can store in piles - due to gravity they will not open. Fastening with a stapler in the case of normal storage is optional. The design of an envelope with a tail-fastener on one side and a pocket under it on the other is not suitable for this option, because the disks will touch much more.

Source: habrahabr.ru