From a plastic bottle. . .

And another product replenishes the section of crafts from plastic bottles.

Pretty funny and interesting piggy bank in our photo. Is not it?

To make such a piggy bank from improvised materials is quite simple.

For this we need 6 plastic bottles (one and a half liter) and 8 bolts (cogs) with nuts. They can be taken from the children's designer.

It is necessary to cut off the necks of the plastic bottles, so that when juxtaposing from together we get a ball. We connect all bottle necks with cogs. To hold the screw while tightening, use your finger (through the neck) to press it from the inside.

All! Details are well bonded.

I bring to your attention one more stand for pencils, pens, and other stationery.

It is made of a plastic bottle, preferably some carved - patterned, so that it is not so banal :-).

The upper edge of the bottle (cut line) can be bordered with a piece of rubber or tape.

That's all !

A rather original and practical thing can be made from a plastic bottle.

You can use the cover in different ways. In my opinion, it is suitable for storing brushes, as shown in the figure, some parts and tools can be folded (drills, screwdrivers, small objects). You can also collect wild berries in it, use it as a container for transporting aquarium fish and much more. :-)

Making a case is easy! We will need:

plastic bottle, zipper from clothes or purses, rivets (sewing possible), lace.

We cut the plastic bottle as shown in the figure. Sew halves of zipper (or shoot with rivets) to the halves of the bottle. We fasten the cover of the case.

We can make a hole in the cork and thread the lace, tying a knot at the inner end.

Done! It turned out a cover with a handle in the form of a lace.