Lpt color music

Lpt color music is a simple construction of LEDs and resistors connected in series. For the manufacture does not require any knowledge in the field of electronics. Therefore, everyone can make it.

The simplest option contains one LED and a resistor. Video on creating color music + control program + photo: DOWNLOAD

Software installation

Install Winamp (if you do not have it installed) Install the lpt plugin for Winamp Open Winamp, right-click on Winamp at the top

a list opens, hover over visualization, select select plug in from the list.

And in the window that opens at the bottom, click start. The signal level adjustment window opens.

Video on the creation of color music + control program + photo: Download

That's all.

To close the window for adjusting the signal level

on the inscription Level press the right mouse button

the close button appears, click it and the window closes.

You can drag the window for adjusting the signal level for

inscription Level

PS. I do not recommend using other programs for color music other than Winamp. In other programs

completely wrong effect.

Source: electro.tora.ru