Take music with you or the Muz ON project

It was evening, there was nothing. Climbing the Internet, I came across this device:

And I really wanted him, but as it turned out later, they are not selling him in our city. Well, they don’t sell, then we’ll make it. The thing started when the Logitech S100 speakers were bought

I took them apart and threw away everything unnecessary: ​​a transformer, shortened the wires

Next, with the help of plexiglass and pistol glue, a casing for the amplifier was made

Not too neat, but still invisible.

Next, I took up my handbag (sd-holder) I picked out envelopes for disks from there, cut holes for speakers

And covered them with a net

Then I screwed the speakers in place

It was up to the amplifier, it was placed on the other side of the bag than the speakers, covered with a casing, and the casing was glued. A crown holder was made from a piece of tin

Well, that's all. And the final pictures

And in the end, not bad portable speakers turned out. That's all!

Author: MasterNeo Source: modder-team.clan.su