Homemade machines

Drill and hand drill

Drill - DPR-52 engine, found in printers and hair dryers. A hand drill is an engine from a car compressor, found in small heat guns and hair dryers.

Drill 2

Drill with interchangeable tips. Motor PIV MTM, from the tape of a vertical tape recorder, Bulgarian. The tachometer is removed, in its place a flexible shaft of the drill is fixed. Rotation from the motor axis is transmitted to the shaft using a tightly worn spring. A diamond disk for straightening hogs is fixed on the right axis. The whole mechanism is fixed in a holder with two degrees of freedom and easily rotates left-right, forward-backward. The whole structure is suspended on the desktop on the upper right, does not interfere with the work. You can drown the motor on the table so that the drill hose extends vertically upward.

Engraving drill

Drill for engraving. The motor is 8, 000 rpm, the hose suffers up to 10, 000. The motor and hose are connected by a spring worn on the axle.

Drill 1

Handle with pneumatic drill mechanism. The motor transmits rotation to the turbine, mounted through the adapter ring. In the case of the drill there is already a planetary gear of about 3: 1. Very powerful machine. Turning work was required: adapter ring, sleeve on the shaft, fitting the Morse cone to size 2a. It was difficult to install a high current button.

Drill 2

Bulgarian motor PIV 6 25 / 3A, operates from 5 to 40 V, from a vertical tape recorder / drive. The tachometer (rear) is not used, but it balances the whole structure well. The button acts on the contact group from the iron, powerful and does not burn.

Cutting machine 1

The cutting machine 1 is made for unreinforced abrasive discs with a thickness of 0.5-2 mm. The moved little table. A "braking" resistor is visible.

Cutting machine 2

Cutting machine 2 is made for unreinforced abrasive discs with a thickness of 0.5-2 mm. Two working positions, with upper and lower tables, so that the motor with reverse. I cut boards, make keys, cut frames for transformers.

Drilling machine 1

Drilling machine with 0.8 mm collet chuck. Made from the remnants of a mechanism called the aluminum tag press. DPR-52 engine, I extended the axis only for the beauty of the whole structure. Drill stroke - 20 mm. You can see the box for drills and the abrasive disc on the axis of the engine at the top for dressing drills.

Filling machine 2

Chucking machine chuck 2a. The aluminum profile has a worm gear in it, with its help the carriage on bearings moves 80 mm under drills of different lengths. The handle actually moves the motor another 20 mm. Above on the axis of the motor - an abrasive disk for fine-tuning drills, protected by a frame. Bulgarian motor, from a tape recorder, a profile from a display case, a worm from a water valve, bearings from a pull-out table.

Cutting machine 3

It’s just a beautiful little stall The basis is a frame for linear movement of the heads of an 8-inch drive. On six bearings. The cartridge is fixed in the sleeve from the fan of the same drive. Worm gear - from a 5-inch floppy, round handle at the top. The last 20 mm of the drill stroke is a separate handle. Transmission from the engine is a rubber belt, but a flat belt is better. I’ll put the motor harder.

Jig 4

Microscope drill. One screw moves the table under the drills of different lengths, the second was damaged, so a stroke was made on it for the last 20 mm, traction, spring and handle are visible. DPR-74 engine. Under the table is a drawer for drills.


Wood lathe. Motor PIK 12-3 / 10.1 from the Bulgarian tape recorder / drive. Polish cartridge, up to 150 mm. Right headstock with a rotating center and feed at 20 mm. The support is fixed, moves horizontally. I stick on it handles for files, a trifle like salt shakers, buttons. The support turned out weak, vibrates on a solid tree, I will remodel.

Source: plazon.ru