Converting a fluorescent lamp to an LED

In connection with the big scam, to introduce thoughts into the consciousness about the need to install energy-saving lamps in your home, many people began to put them in large numbers at home. But soon you are surprised to notice that the durability of such lamps is a maximum of half a year, the brightness and temperature of the light do not stand up to criticism, and the price, even for non-branded energy-saving lamps, is 10 times higher than for ordinary incandescent lamps. Of the fluorescent lamps purchased last year, more than half have already burnt out.

Typical converter design for an energy-saving lamp.

If you also have spent lamps lying around at home, you can redo them by pulling out the internal converter board and replacing it with a voltage reduction circuit to power the LEDs. The power supply current of the LEDs is set by a resistor of 100-200 Ohms, within 20-50mA.

So, we disassemble the lamp, removing the converter board and the glass bulb (as a rule, it burns out the fastest). There remains a cartridge with a capacious base. There we will place the assembled circuit with LEDs and a reflector.

LEDs, of course, will not give the brightness that a fluorescent lamp, but if you do not buy consumer goods at $ 0.1, but branded ones, the brightness of 6 pieces will be at a fairly decent level.

These LED lamps are already being produced in industry, but their price is still higher than that of energy-saving ones.