"Three tastes" - the most delicious bread for sandwiches

You will definitely succeed in surprising and delighting your loved ones if you cook them this amazing bread for breakfast. Such a porous puffy braid consists of 3 types of dough, differing only in fillers. All the plaits are combined into a single whole - a green onion with herbs gently picks up the smoked aroma of sausage dough, and tomato filling with paprika complements the overall taste with a fine sourness.

Ingredients for Wicker Bread:

  • a) flour - 500 g,

  • b) milk heated to 38 degrees - 300 ml,

  • c) rast. oil - 50 ml

  • g) sugar, salt - each 1 teaspoon,

  • d) high-speed yeast - 7 g.

For fillers:

  • a) green onions - 20 g,

  • b) Italian herbs - 10 g,

  • c) dried parsley - 10 g,

  • g) paprika - 20 g,

  • e) dried tomatoes (can be replaced with bell pepper) - 15 g,

  • f) smoked sausage - 50 g.

Cooking takes an hour and a half.

Cooking Delicious Sandwich Bread

1. Wake up the yeast by placing them in sweetened milk. In 10 minutes. they form a magnificent cap.

2. Pour the resulting leaven into sifted and salted flour.

3. Add oil here.

4. Knead the dough well by hand.

5. Round it and cover with a film, send to heat for lifting.

6. Sausage cut into medium cubes.

7. Chop green onions.

8. After half an hour, the dough will swell enough.

9. Hook it and divide, using the scales, into 3 parts.

10. In the first bowl add green onions and herbs, in the second - paprika and chopped dried tomatoes, and in the third - smoked sausage.

11. Wash the green dough well.

12. Do the same with the red dough.

13. And with sausage.

14. Form 3 tows.

15. Braid the harnesses obliquely, cover with a film and allow to distance.

16. After 15 minutes the braid will swell.

17. Bake it at 180 degrees. Wicker bread will be ready in 35 minutes.

Amazing aromas of herbs and smoked meats increase appetite, and the appearance of fluffy colored bread only enhances it. A piece of such a wicker, in fact, is already a sandwich, and if you spread it with butter, then the taste will benefit from this!