Magic wallet

Very funny thing about this wallet. Such wallets are sold in stores of unusual things. It looks very funny. And to make such a craftsmanship for the strength and the child, look at the diagram or video clip is very simple. By the way, here is a photo:

And so let's get started. To assemble the wallet you will need: a cardboard box and ribbons, you can use ribbons and even rubber bands for linen, as in an elastic bandage.

From the old box, cut out two rectangles measuring 7 x 10 cm (Fig. A) and paste them on one side with decorative paper. Then take a ribbon 1 cm wide and 30 cm long. One may be wider than the other as in the photo above. Cut it into three pieces 10 cm long each and stick them on the back of one of the rectangles (cover), in the place where the curved edges of decorative paper are glued (Fig. B). Then turn the lid, and bend the ribbon (fig. C).

On this cover, put the second cover, face inward, and glue the second ends of the ribbons to it (Fig. D).

From another paper, cut out two rectangles measuring 6 x 9 cm and fold them three times - you will get two bags. Pass one of them under the ribbon, spread with glue and glue the second to it. Sachets should be exactly one under the other, so that it seems that there is only one bag (Fig. E).

And now you can show your focus! Open the first bag and put a small picture in it.

Then close the bag and close the lid. Now the booklet needs to be opened, but on the other hand. The picture in the bag disappeared. If you open the booklet again on the other hand, the picture will reappear in the bag.

Cool :-) Good luck!