We need: a LASER printer, paper, tape, scissors, water. Here is the theory in the picture: It's simple: we print the picture you like on the printer, glue the tape, wash the paper with water. The pattern remains on the tape. Let it dry and that's it! The sticker is ready - you can stick it.

Now we fix the theory with practice:

After sticking the adhesive tape on the drawing, the adhesive tape is carefully pressed with the palm of the paper to the paper, then under a stream of cold water, fingers without any burrs (or a soft brush) wash the paper off the adhesive tape by rubbing it, after rinsing (removing) the paper, only the drawing remains on the adhesive tape !!! then you should wait until the adhesive tape with the pattern dries from the water and becomes sticky, the sticker is ready! In this way, you can make watch dials, stickers on equipment, nameplates and much more.

There are a couple of minuses: 1) After water procedures, the adhesive tape loses its adhesive properties (but not quite) 2) The inscription or some pattern is limited by the width of the adhesive tape 3) You need to erase the paper on the sticker well, otherwise it will not be fully glued and not completely erased sticker, the remaining paper will be visible.

All ! Everything seems to be clear.