Magnetic stirrer

A magnetic stirrer is required in every laboratory to mix liquids of various viscosities. Now you can also assemble a magnetic stirrer for your mini laboratory.

So we need: a cooler from a computer, magnets from an old or broken speaker, instant glue, a case from cd, and a few other little things that are in almost every home.

Take the case from the disk.

And with the help of a compass or in some other way, we cut out such a circle, smaller than the diameter of the cooler blades.

Then take the old speaker

And get the magnet out of him.

We break this magnet into pieces and glue them to the cd circle, and in turn we glue the circle to the center of the cooler.

Now if you turn on the cooler, then the magnets will rotate with the blades.

Then we make the case. In the figures below - three options: from a plastic jar, from plexiglass, from wood. what you like, do this.

Optionally, you can make a diagram of the cooler rotation speed controller.

You can make the control circuit simpler - using just one wire variable resistor or potentiometer.

And finally - a stirrer in operation:

Work: An elongated magnet is thrown into a vessel with stirred liquid. Put the vessel on the mixer. The rotation of the cooler magnets is lost to the magnet in the vessel. Accordingly, the smaller the distance between the magnet in the vessel and the magnets on the cooler, the better!