How to get rid of sunburn

The method of getting rid of sunburn is extremely simple and effective. This method was recommended to me by my friend, who works as a nurse and therefore she knows what it is about. I hope that the method will help you.

Step 1. You will need only five things:

1) A bath or mug, preferably ceramic, because there will be no stains on it.

2) jug

3) Clean rag

4) water

5) Three bags of black tea (I used Earl Gray)

Step 2

Fill the jug with hot water and place the tea bags. Let it brew so that the color of the tea is as in the photo:

Step 3

Pour the infusion into a more convenient ceramic dish. We dip a cloth there and, as it were, “poke” on the burns. DO NOT WASH! let soak. You can wipe with a dry cloth, and repeat the procedure, but in no case do not rinse with water. If you do this process before bedtime, then you can go to sleep and give time for the infusion to work. In the morning, the infusion can be washed off in the shower. The burn followed, or even everything went away, but remember: the sooner you apply the tea, the faster and more effective the result.

My friend had severe burns and she put bags directly on the burn, but you can use a cloth to apply the solution.

If you have a very big burn and blisters have climbed, then you should not conjure at home, but you should immediately consult a doctor!