Banana cocktail

We need:

1 banana (200-250 g) 100 g ice cream 150 ml milk

Recipe for two servings.

Peel a banana, break it into large pieces.

Add ice cream.

Add milk.

Beat well in a blender or mixer.

All ! Just not true?

Bon Appetit!

But it so happens that ice cream may not be. . . No problem !

Then for the recipe you will need: - a banana - 3 pcs. - milk - 1 liter - sugar - 1 tablespoon

[/ b] For a liter of milk (fat content was at least 2%), 3 bananas should be finely chopped (they should not be ripe - this spoils the taste). Cut the bananas into small pieces and add a spoonful of sugar. [b] Beat bananas with sugar without milk! Beat at least 3 minutes! Add milk and beat for at least 3 minutes! All ! It tastes just a fairy tale!

And again - Bon appetit!