The book is a cache

Such an unusual book can be an elegant way to hide something, whether it is a spare key, a secret note, or even money. Most people would not think of looking at your library as a cache of private or personal items. This is also a great way to carefully and without attracting attention transfer something to someone - an unsuspecting witness will only think that you are transmitting just an interesting book and nothing more! Great option for spies!

Step 1. Choose a book, preferably a thick one, with a strong hard cover and a good binding.

Step 2. Select as many first pages as you need and wrap them with a plastic wrap on the cover so they will not be damaged by glue. They, with the exception of the last of these pages, will not be cut. This will allow the book to look like an ordinary book when it is opened and with its pages not glued will cover the cut hole for the cache. The page closest to the cut cache will be glued later (in the last step).

Step 3 Mix some clear glue and water. Let the glue turn out to be liquid enough for the pages of the book to absorb. The ratio of approximately 30% to 70% of the glue.

Step 4. Fasten all the pages together that you selected from the first in step 2 earlier and brush the glue on their edges so that it is absorbed. This will hold them together. Wash your brush, otherwise it will dry out and become useless!

Step 5 Let the book dry for fifteen to thirty minutes. Place something between the pages and the cover so that they do not touch each other and do not stick together. Place something heavy on top of the cover to apply pressure.

Step 6. Open the book on the first glued page. Measure from the edge 1.2 cm, from all four sides and draw lines with a pencil.

Step 7. Cut the edges along the inside of the line drawn with a knife. Try to make the “cut” as vertical as possible, or else the cut hole will narrow to the bottom. Use a ruler as shown in the image, this may help. Click on the knife to cut several pages at a time.

Continue to cut layers. Take your time, because the slower and more carefully you do this, the smoother and more straight will be the inner edges. Remove any remaining paper from the inside that accumulates from cutting.

Step 8 Apply glue to the inside edges of the hole with a brush and let it soak. The glue will dry, but for now, apply a second layer of glue to the outer edges of the pages.

Done! Make sure the book is completely dry. Fill it with your things, close the book, and place it on the bookshelf. Now only you will know that this book has a secret compartment! Among the other books that surround her, she will not be very noticeable!;)

If you do everything carefully, the book may look like this:

Or so: