We make a simple Christmas tree made of paper. It is very simple. We need scissors and a sheet of paper.

Take a square sheet of paper and bend it. Roll it up three times, as in the first photo. Then, without expanding, bend and collapse the sheet as in the photo.

Now do the bends in the corners as in the photo:

We bend along all radial folds, alternating between folding inward and folding outward.

We make several cuts on each vertical triangle. Fold from the top of each incision so that the fold forms a triangle.

Christmas tree is ready! Nowhere is easier!

DIY snowflakes

Before you begin, pay your attention to the fact that all paper snowflakes are SIX-pointed. What we need ? Of course - scissors and paper. I usually make two snowflakes (for each sheet of paper about 22x28 cm), so I first cut the paper into half and then make a square from each half. This makes the snowflake approximately 13 cm across.

Let's get started. Fold the square of the paper diagonally to make a triangle.

Turn this triangle again.

Mentally imagine a triangle in thirds and fold the right third.

Fold the carried third.

Cut the top of the paper at an angle. Make sure to cut so that all remaining layers of paper are equal. Cutting at an angle is the action that makes the ends of a snowflake. Ultimately, you will learn to cut at different angles to make snowflakes with tips that are more or less sharp.

Well, now turn on your imagination and act. Usually, cutting off small triangles from the sides is the easiest, but do not forget to try other shapes.

For this snowflake, I changed the top edge a bit to make my tips of a different shape.

My snowflakes never repeat, because I usually do not plan their shape.

Now unfold the paper very carefully. I got such a snowflake:

After all the operations done, the snowflake turns into a mint, in order to fix this, you can put it between the pages of the book for a while or iron it without steam.

That's how it usually is! Good luck