Free air conditioning

Yes, the summer was a success, fries are not childish. Nowhere to hide. At home, the temperature column with confidence reaches 50 degrees Celsius! What to do ? Normal air conditioners are expensive, and the energy is "eating" a lot. There is a solution, of course, not super, but the effect is significant! And the energy he consumes is almost zero. The principle of such an air conditioner is simple to insanity and scarce parts are not required.

Let’s first talk about how it works and how it works. It's simple - in the picture there is a water radiator, a fan at the back. Cold water is connected to the radiator, which flows in it, thereby cooling it. In turn, the fan drives air through the radiator, thereby cooling it. The principle is clear. But you ask - where to get cold water? Answer: from your water supply system.

Next in order. The most scarce thing is a radiator or heat exchanger.

I did not find a decent one and decided to build it myself. I took the tool:

I needed copper tubes and galvanized plates

Then they were soldered by me here into such a radiator, the diameter of the tubes is quite large, which is important!

Then I connected the hoses tightly - all the same there is pressure!

I live at home. The pump pumps water from the well. I connected a radiator between the pump and the consumers.

That's all ! We check the water temperature - 9 degrees Celsius !!! Excellent.

Well - now the temperature in the room does not rise above 25! True, the windows must now be closed - so that the cold does not come out. The radiator can be any. For example, automobile. . . Well, at the expense of the fan, I think you’ll figure it out yourself. . . As they say, just to blow :-)

Thank. Good luck