An easy way to fix a drop-down socket

Sometimes a sturdily and reliably fixed in a nest is too spacious. Then the electrical outlet is difficult or even impossible to fix in it through the retractable legs available in its design. Even diluting them to the maximum permissible value does not help by fully tightening the adjustment screws.

This drawback most often causes a power outlet to fall out, which obviously does not decorate the interior of a house or apartment, but, even more dangerous, it can provoke a short circuit and even electric shock.

You can get rid of such an undesirable defect once and for all quite simply and quickly, if you use the most ordinary, available materials and tools. This work can be done by every adult who knows how to turn off the voltage supplied to the outlet on the input electrical panel.

Will need

For effective, without interference work, we need to prepare in advance:

  • a small piece of linoleum 3-4 mm thick;

  • epoxy or any universal adhesive;

  • scissors or a sharp carpet knife;

  • an electric drill or a hand screwdriver.

The procedure for fixing the drop-down outlet

All operations are quite simple and follow one from another:

1. Using sharp scissors or a carpet knife, we cut out two small identical pieces of rectangular linoleum, the size of which provides a reliable stop for the retractable legs of an electrical outlet.

2. We glue the cut pieces of linoleum inside the podrozetnik in diametrically opposite directions on the line of the retractable legs, after having previously cleaned, degreased and greased the joined surfaces with glue.

3. Remains tightly, without a gap with the wall, insert the socket into the socket outlet and, using an electric drill with the appropriate bat, raise the retractable tabs to the required value by uniformly tightening the adjustment screws.

4. After making sure that the electrical outlet is fixed tightly and securely, we replace the front panel by screwing the central screw with an electric drill or a hand screwdriver.

Check manually.

For control, insert and remove the plug several times.


Some retractable legs of the sockets have sharp edges at the ends, which, when breached, can easily pierce a fairly soft linoleum. To prevent this from happening, you should round the sharp edges with a file or emery.