Simple multimedia projector

The time of the USSR is a thing of the past and left behind a variety of trinkets that are now no longer needed by anyone. For example, you probably have a slide projector or a filmoscope in the pantry. Nobody needs him anymore, but it’s a pity to throw away ... Let's give him a second life and make him a multimedia projector on which we will watch films, pictures, or even play on the big screen.

Attention: as a matrix forming an image, you can take not only a small TV as in the article - an mp3 player playing video, a cell phone, and especially an ipod, also has a good resolution. In general, there are many ways to success. Yes, and the solder cable is not necessary. Well, as a slide projector, any filmoscope is suitable, etc.

For $ 75 I bought another masterpiece of Chinese friends - a Super TV with a pretty good 2.5 "matrix, standard for such devices with a resolution of 480 * 234 and a video input, which is very important:

It should be noted that the size of the matrix was dictated by the size of the window for the slides in the projector, in addition, Chinese telly with a larger martice still have the same resolution (just pixels are larger), and for the sake of them all the bundle (lamp, optics, housing) I think not worth it.

In the lower part, the loop connector from the matrix is ​​noticeable:

Tear off the backlight with wires (right):

There remains a matrix with a very short loop, five centimeters, which is completely unacceptable for our purposes, and the Chinese engineering idea went so deep that 28 contacts are located on a centimeter wide loop:

But there is nothing to do - you still need to lengthen. Attention! Take on this procedure only if you are really confident in your abilities, otherwise it is better to entrust this to a more experienced friend! Armed with a 25W Japanese soldering iron, low-temperature solder, magnifier and MGTF 0.03 wire, I glued the ribbon cable to the table with tape and laid a piece of plastic and after 2 hours of torment I got the following:

Then he poured it all with a glue gun, called up all 28 contacts on the board with a tester (the points were on both sides of the board) and soldered to them:

The remote matrix on a loop of 20 cm turned out (the inscription SUPER is an image on the display in the absence of an input signal):

The discarded slide projector "Svityaz-Avto" got me for nothing:

Inside, he already has everything he needs - trans, cooling and optics, consisting of a 24V 150W halogen lamp, a reflector, a triple of lenses, a UV filter from special glass and a triplet lens (not shown in the picture):

I inserted the matrix into the window for the slides and just in case made it extra. cooling in the form of a cooler for P4 and a pipe, although with a native lamp it would probably be enough for a regular one, as it turned out that the temperature on the matrix does not exceed 40 degrees (air is sucked in successfully through the slit for the slides just opposite the matrix). I threw out all the mechanics now unnecessary:

The finished projector took the following form:

Native fan threw, put the diametrical impeller. Hid the power supplies of the telly and fans in the case. The device stopped making noise and acquired such a look:

Considering the level of all other components, the screen was also made very budget, but showing brighter than my old matte Projecta for $ 200, sold a year ago. Because the raid on the shops in search of powdered silverfish did not bring any positive results, I just painted a piece of cardboard with ABRO aerosol “under the chrome”, painted a matte black frame. The result was a panel with a diagonal of 125 cm (50 "):

Comparison with a nearby TV (20 "Sony Trinitron):

This is such garbage, we will test it. Chinese halogens for a projector cost 50 rubles (for 150W and 250W), although their resource is unknown to me, but the fact that a lamp resource of 2000 hours is indicated on the website for a 2000W lamp is inspiring. The plans include a modification of the standard cooling system, noise, infection, although after five minutes of viewing you no longer notice this ...