The second life of the Soviet camera

It is no secret that Soviet optics was the best of its kind, even now enthusiasts fasten old Soviet professional lenses to modern cameras. We will try to make it even more original and fasten to the old film camera CHANGE 35 photosensor from a regular USB webcam

For this experiment we will need:

1. A disassembled working webcam, before the disassembly, it looked like this

after disassembly

the board itself with a photo sensor

A blue electrical tape was used to connect the sensor. Of course, you could use something more practical, but soon your hand will go!

Due to the fact that the size of the sensor (two match heads) and the frame size are very different, only part of the image of the lens will get into the sensor and even from a short distance it will be “large”. That is a big increase effect!

Photos taken by digitized shift 35 from a distance of 6 meters:

I am sure that you can give a second life to your broken Zenith or Fed and use this "rare webcam" for your pleasure. It is better not to fool the working chambers, the film is still relevant zs. The aperture ratio of the lens will be many times greater than the plastic that is in the Chinese webcams, therefore, in low light the picture will be much better !!!

Good luck