Simple do-it-yourself monitor backlight

Any eye doctor will tell you that working behind a monitor in complete darkness is harmful to the eyes. For a long time, to avoid this, I worked by directing a desk lamp onto the wall. But at some point it occurred to me that it was not economical and not very beautiful.

And so the idea was born, the result of which is in the photo.

I decided not to suffer with a soldering of LEDs and used the LED "stick", ordered in an online store for 30 or 40 rubles, now I do not remember. For your implementation, you can use any similar device.

Secured it with zip ties to the bracket holes.

Depending on your monitor and the selected lamp, you will have to come up with a mount. You can try double-sided tape. Alternatively, you can try to screw a couple of bolts into the holes and cling to them. In extreme cases, there is SUPER GLUE.

Power supply with a molecule using a splitter (from another old cooler) (+ 12v yellow, ground black). The LED stick is powered by 12 volts.

A simple toggle switch acts as a switch ...

... screwed into the front panel of the housing.

Simple and cheerful!