Scrub bot - robot cleaner

As part of my efforts to make our lives easier through robots, I made an inexpensive bot for cleaning. This modern robot cleaner is great for polishing floors and shiny glass tables (provided that you apply a soap solution). If you can’t wait to see the robot at work, then the video is at the end of the article.

View from above:

What we need:

(X1) Frisbee plate or other plastic plate (X3) Small scrubber brushes (X3) Mounting bracket (X2) computer fans (same size) (X1) 9V battery connector (X1) 9V battery (X6) 1 -1/2 "bolts (X18) nuts 1-1 / 2" bolts (X6) 1/2 "bolts and nuts

Drill holes at the ends of the brushes as shown in the figures.

Screw the adjusting bracket as shown in the figures.

Next, make holes in the plate for attaching brushes

We attach the brushes to the plate. Set the sliders of the mounts to the middle position.

Next, we make a vibration motor: for this we take the first cooler and break off three blades from it - as shown in the figure.

Then we take the second cooler and also break off his three blades, but in a different sequence. See the picture!

We take our battery and compress it with coolers. Please note - coolers are aimed at the battery, i.e. "face" to the battery!

We fix it with the snap-on clamps.

We connect coolers in parallel to each other, + to +.

We drill holes in the plate for our vibration motor.

Attach it.

We put on the terminals and - Voila!

Use the adjusting fasteners to achieve stable torsion of the robot, without going to the sides.

Robot in action:

May the world become cleaner! GOOD LUCK!