We take out combustible gas from the water

The model is fully based on the Hillary Eldridge patent, USA

603 058 "Electrical Retort" presented on April 26, 1898.

Combustible gas produced by an electric arc obtained

graphite rods immersed in distilled, potable, salted or

another type of water, which essentially consists of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and

other substances.

The generator produces a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen (COH2),

which burns very cleanly with atmospheric oxygen, and can be used as

fuel for an internal combustion engine. Upon combustion, COH2 forms

carbon dioxide and water vapor, so environmental pollution is extremely


NASA Gas Analysis: Hydrogen 46.483%

Carbon dioxide 9.329

Ethylene 0.049

Ethan 0.005

Acetylene 0.616

Oxygen 1.164

Nitrogen 3.818

Methane 0.181

Carbon monoxide 38.370

Total number 100.015

This simple experiment is designed exclusively for

evidence of the basic concept. This generator cannot be used for

prolonged use, and serves only as a demonstration.

You will need some materials, the generator is very simple to build and check ....

Be careful, the generator produces explosive gas, you

required to conduct this experiment in a well-ventilated area or outdoors

in the air. You should not smoke during the experiment .. Do not forget that carbon monoxide

(CO) - very toxic, do not inhale it! The experiment is only for

experienced. The experimenter must be very careful during the experiment! Experiences

conducted by you at your own risk. I do not accept any

responsible for anything that could happen if used improperly

given information.

You only need:

- A small plastic bottle from under sparkling water,

- two graphite rods (70 mm length, 6 mm diameter)

- one 1 ohm 50Watts resistor

- DC transformer which is able to

provide 35v / 10A

- wires, connectors and silicon cement, or any other

waterproof composition.

Need to

very few materials .....

1) Drill two diametric holes (10 mm diameter) 60 mm from the base of the bottle and

insert the graphite rods with (rubber bands from the washing machine - for

sealing) and glue the gum with silicon cement. Preferably end

one of the graphite rods was conical. Two rods should be in front

switching on in weak contact (see below).


Connect a 1 ohm 50W resistor in series with one of the graphite rods and

one of the poles of the transformer (34V / 15A DC), the other pole

connect the transformer to another graphite rod. Can add

additional devices to measure current and voltage. Fill your generator

only distilled or purified fresh water.


Now you are ready to get combustible gas ...

Be careful ! GOOD LUCK!