Spilled coffee

So here you can play friends, acquaintances, colleagues in the office. Imagine their shock when they see a mug of hot coffee spilling on their iphone! Naturally, the coffee in it is not real, it is not even a liquid, but they will only find out later. . . Everything looks pretty realistic - 99% of people passing by my desk told me that I had spilled coffee.

What do we need? - Mug, three sticks of glue for an adhesive gun, dark brown acrylic paints. From the instruments: microwave and stir stick.


Be careful - note you will work with hot glue, whose temperature is about 200 degrees Celsius. Take all precautions !!!

As our composition warmed up and acquired the desired color and viscosity, it must be shed to make it look realistic. I took an unnecessary baking sheet or baking tray and laid it with silicone baking film. A baking bag will do. He laid it out and gently knocked over the mug. Clay didn’t flow thickly immediately. BE VERY CAREFUL !!!

After solidification everything is ready! Do not cool the glue !!! He will curl up. But if this happened, put it in a preheated oven.

Well, now go ahead and play your friend on April 1st !!!

PS: There is an unproven option to use epoxy. Good luck