Clock - Nightlight

A clock - a night lamp - is a great thing for those who like to wake up at night. Usually people wake up in the middle of the night and frantically search for their mobile phone to see the time. Our craft kills two birds with one stone: this is the backlight and a nightlight. There is enough light to see confidently in the room. The brightness and color of the glow can be easily adjusted as you like.

Here's what the clock looks like day and night:

Here we will make our watches. To do this, we need the mechanism itself from Chinese watches or from any others, the most important thing is that the hands also work.

A rectangular piece of plywood, I took the old frame from the picture. And I drilled holes for LEDs in it and the mechanism itself in the center.

I glued white paper on the front side. Red stripes cut out of red adhesive paper itself. Please note that the LEDs are turned towards the center.

Next - electronic affairs. Look at the diagram. The capacitor is 0.22 μF and the voltage is not lower than 400 volts. A resistor with a power of at least 1-2 watts., Diodes for voltage from 400 volts. LEDs are small, super bright, color of your choice.

When working with electricity, be especially careful !!!!

We connect, turn on, check.

The same thing can be done with ordinary wall clocks.

To power the LEDs, you can also use a step-down transformer, or even a pulse converter such as a charger from a cell phone.