Soda at home

Pretty simple way to get soda at home. Based on the simple dissolution of CO2 in water. To do this, we will build a CO2 generator. Its work is as follows: during the interaction of vinegar with soda, CO2 is released, then it passes into the second vessel and there it dissolves in our carbonated liquid. Just not true?

We need: vinegar, soda, a couple of plastic bottles, a tube, a piece of tissue or toilet paper.

Here's what we did: As you can see from the figure, two bottles are securely connected by a tube. Please note that in the second bottle where our carbonated liquid will be poured, the tube goes to the very bottom, and in the first bottle where the reaction will take place - the tube peeks out from under the cap.

In the first bottle we pour 100 - 150 ml. vinegar, into our second liquid, which we will carbonate. Close the second bottle tightly.

Then we turn in our toilet paper st. a spoonful of baking soda. This is done in order to fall asleep at once soda and not lose CO2

We throw and quickly close.

The reaction begins! For better absorption of CO2 by liquid, it is necessary to shake it and also, to increase the reaction, shake a bottle with soda and vinegar. In short, both bottles are best shaken alternately.

After a while, the reaction will end and you will get a do-it-yourself soda!

One of the western companies even sells this device.