Automatically turn on and off from computer

After turning off the computer, I also need to turn off the speaker system, modem, desk lamp .... How many extra steps I thought and decided to make a so-called general shutdown device that the computer would control.

Here is a diagram of this device. We can say in it only one detail - this is a relay for contact voltage of 5 volts, because it will be plugged into the usb port and the voltage of the contact group is not lower than 400 volts and the current is up to 1 A. I just had this.

The operation of the device is simple - when you turn on the computer, current is supplied to the relay and the relay in turn includes loads.

There is another option to include not usb port, but in LPT port and manage the program, but I settled on usb.

I took an unnecessary outlet and a round box, in short it is not so important and I put everything together like this:

The relay attached to a piece of the old board.


We connect to the computer and stick into the speakers. We turn on the computer and the acoustics turn on with it!

Do not forget 220 volts DANGER for life!