DIY Soldering Extractor

When working with a soldering iron, there are many different compounds floating in the air, which naturally do not favorably affect human health. Most radio enthusiasts work indoors and often literally breathe these harmful compounds. To significantly reduce the content of harmful substances, I propose to make a simple extractor for soldering.

For example, an industrial version:

It costs pretty well. The trailer is nothing complicated. Fan and filter in a sealed enclosure. And where to get the filter? - you ask. The carbon filter can be bought at the store, or a filter for the extractor, or a filter for the home hood.

When creating your extractor, it will be better if this condition is met:

That is, the filter area should be 2-3 times larger than the fan area. Then the fan and filter will work most efficiently!

I bought a filter for home cooker hoods and cut them to the sizes I need:

Well, the case can be made of anything: a juice box, a plastic bottle, a shoe box, and a soap dish at the end.

Speaking of a soap box, here's a similar version of a MINI EXTRACTOR made of an iron box:

The working element in the extractor is a small fan from a PC. For him, a small circuit is assembled - a stabilizer:

Two batteries of the type "crown" = 18 volts.

Filter element, fan, grilles. Everything is glued with hot glue or any other that will hold. The carbon filter for this extractor can be taken from a gas mask or respirator.

Check in work:

Video instruction:

But do not forget: the larger the extractor, the more it filters. Therefore, making a mini extractor is not entirely practical!