Homemade spirit lamp

An alcohol bottle for any novice chemist is practically an irreplaceable thing. However, getting or buying it is not so simple. But there is always a simple way out of hopelessness.

Alcohol is not such a difficult thing that you couldn’t do it yourself.

Alcohol lights are very convenient for burning indoors. They absolutely do not give soot and practically do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. Of the most important advantages is the minimum consumption of chemicals and the ability to control the burning rate.

From a can or aluminum can, cut a circle (1) larger than the diameter of the neck of the glass container (2), make a hole in it, into which firmly insert a piece of the tube (3) rolled up from the same metal, and pass the wick through it (4 ) made of cotton, asbestos or cotton lace from sneakers.

The spirit is ready!

Pour alcohol into it and you can set it on fire. It is better to take pure alcohol (96 degrees), but medical alcohol (70 degrees) is also suitable, at worst you can try ant alcohol (sold in a pharmacy - somewhere around 20-30 rubles).

Do not try to turn over the spirit lamp !!! Hot alcohol has a very low surface tension, therefore, spreading, it ignites a large surface area!