Electro-chemical engraving on a knife

Electro-chemical engraving is very simple. She will not require you to know any peaks in the field of chemistry or physics. Everyone can do it, and the necessary ingredients are in every home. Using this method of engraving, you can apply a drawing not only to a knife, but also to any other metal surface.

We will apply the drawing to the knife:

This Chinese character means meat!

What do we need? - Firstly, the knife itself, I took the kitchen cleaver:

The engraving surface must be cleaned and degreased! The quality of the applied drawing depends on this. it is possible to degrease with gasoline, alcohol, cologne, etc.

Next step: You need to stick tape and cut our character on it. You need to cut it with a very sharp scalpel or a clerical knife.

Do everything carefully so that the tape does not go where it is not necessary.

Next, we need: Power supply for 5 .... 12 volts, telephone charging is also suitable; A cotton swab or piece of cotton wound around a nail; And the solution: a teaspoon of salt is dissolved in 50 grams of water.

All prepared, we begin the electrochemical cleaning of the metal surface. For this, it is necessary to attach the “+” to the cleaver, and the “-” to the nail on which the head from the cotton swab is put on - this will be our electrode.

We turn on the power supply, dip the electrode into the solution with salt, and draw along the surface of our drawing. For better quality, you need to go 2-3 times without rushing. But do not succeed.

All cleaned. Next, change the cotton wool or cotton bud head to a clean one. We change the polarity of the power supply: plus to the electrode, minus to the cleaver.

Wet the electrode in the same salt solution and begin to display the picture:

The pattern appears before the eyes. The circuit starts to instantly blacken. Also, for the best effect, spend 2-3 times.

Everything - the engraving is ready. Peel off the tape and wash off its sticky traces.

Well, which figure you choose - you decide! Good luck.