How to quickly clean a microwave

A microwave oven or simply a microwave oven has long entered our everyday life. It is hard to imagine a kitchen without it. Often, owners often encounter a problem - how to clean a microwave? After all, you won’t wash it like ordinary dishes. I will show you a great way to clean your microwave and get rid of bad smell in two ways!

We need a couple of oranges, actually their peel.

We take the dishes for the microwave and pour there 100 .... 150 ml. water, we throw our skin there too.

We put the whole thing in the microwave.

Minutes for 5 ... 10.

After the end of drilling, the water will almost boil - this is normal. We can’t take it out, but also let it stand for about 5 .... 15 minutes.

All. Open and simply wipe with a dry clean cloth. There is no trace of fat and smell! And a wonderful aroma of orange appeared.

PS: Instead of an orange peel, you can use lemon. Or simply lemon juice from one lemon.