Chips in the microwave in 10 minutes

This is perhaps the fastest and easiest recipe for making home-made chips. And most importantly - chips without any additives, 100% natural product. A microwave will help us achieve this. I also forgot to say: these are still very tasty chips. To prepare this goodies we need only 10 minutes!

We need a minimum of ingredients, namely potatoes. Well, I think about it. You probably guessed it yourself :-) I will offer you two technologies for preparing chips in the microwave, if you wish, you yourself will choose the one you need or upgrade one to the other.

And so let's go. The first dietary recipe is without oil and salt. Yes, yes, you were not mistaken - we will take one potato from the edible ingredients.

Now it is necessary to thinly cut into slices or round pieces, as you wish. For this version of the recipe, I do not advise you to cut the potatoes too thin, about 1-2 mm. For slicing, I suggest using the following devices:

Or any others to your desire, the fastest effect can be achieved with a grater, and the thinnest with a vegetable knife. I prefer a regular kitchen knife. Cut further it is necessary to rinse the slices with cold water! Otherwise, it will then be impossible to separate it from the dishes or paper. It is better to use a colander for washing.

After washing, wait a while until the water drains completely. Next, you need to take a spinning plate from the microwave and cover it with baking paper and put sliced ​​potatoes on it. If there is no baking paper, then you can put the slices just on a plate.

We put in the microwave, turn on at full power and look. As soon as the chips begin to "brown" in places immediately turn off. The main thing is not to miss this moment, because if you turn it off earlier they will not be crispy, if later - with the taste of the burners. Cooking time will be between 2 - 10 minutes, depending on the portion.

Everything - delicious chips ready! The product is dietary. Of course, I was cunning and slightly salted, I am not a big supporter of healthy food. But without salt it is also very tasty, so do not be discouraged if you have not salt.

Recipe number two. All the same, only after washing the chips, salt and fill with sunflower oil and let stand for a while.

Then we spread it on any plate and put in the microwave oven to the maximum and also see how the chips begin to turn gray.

All. For this option, I would recommend that you cut the slices thinner - no more than 2 mm.

Bon Appetit!

PS: It is advisable to eat chips immediately, otherwise they will lose their unique crunch. But for reference, I’ll say that the second option is more “durable” in storage than the first.