Mini flashlight

There are times when you need a small-sized light source or light source will not be at hand. This mini flashlight can come to your aid. It can be made in a short period of time from available parts. Here it is in the picture.

To build it, we need: a 3-volt tablet battery, an ultra bright LED, a battery cassette and a button. The battery cassette can be removed from the old motherboard from the computer, there are buttons in almost any electronic device, for example, I took it from an old printer. The battery and LED can be purchased at any radio store.

Now you need to solder all the parts into one electrical circuit observing the polarity. I will not give the scheme, I think you will save it yourself without problems

To give structural strength and to give the case a flashlight fill it with hot glue.

All our mini flashlights are ready.

It shines fine and the battery charge is pretty decent. If the battery runs out, simply replace it.