Banana ice cream

To prepare this crazy treat, we need only two ingredients: a couple of bananas and half a glass of milk. By tradition, the recipe is simple and unique, and the result will exceed all your expectations and you will enjoy amazingly delicious homemade banana ice cream.

In fact, at home it is almost impossible to make ice cream due to the lack of shock freezing. But still there is one way out.

We need: a couple of bananas, 50-100 ml. milk.

Take bananas and cut into wheels.

Put them in the freezer. 1-2 hours

Bananas should freeze. pour them into a blender. Unfortunately, you can’t do without a blender ...

Immediately pour milk into the blender, preferably also chilled.

And quickly beat.

Everything will not be beaten at once, since the top will freeze, for this it is necessary to mix these layers with a spoon between the whipping cycles.

Beat for 1-2 minutes and a delicious delicacy is ready.

Bon Appetit!