Guitar Pickup

Guitar pickups from tone-2a speakers

There are many ways to make guitar pickups. I will tell you about the simplest one that requires minimal knowledge in radio engineering. First we need to find the things necessary for this:

1) 3 tone-2 speakers (there may be a different letter index) with a resistance of at least 1000-1500 ohms. They can be found in “ancient” handsets or bought from old-timers (can be sold in radio stores, I don’t know for sure)

With a small resistance they are not suitable (50-600 ohms). give a weak signal and no amplifier can amplify it.

2) Connecting wires (a few pieces for connecting the speakers in series), Shielded wire of your choice. Everything is sold in the electrics store.

Shielded wire is suitable for anyone, buy the cheapest one or find a couple of meters of unnecessary TV cable at home. You can take a two-wire unshielded wire but in this case it will be “fonit”. There is no need to buy connecting wires, you can always find some inoperative tape recorder and take from there

3) 2 plugs for and a socket for the plug

You need to dwell on this in more detail, it all depends on what you will connect the pickups - to a DVD player, music center or computer to the microphone input.

The first plug and socket can be taken any. This is necessary so as not to get confused in the wire and disconnect the cord from the guitar

The second plug depends on the amplifier:

For computer - headphone jack

For the dividend, a microphone plug

For music center-2 tulips

In principle, you can buy a ready-made cord. Plugs and sockets are also sold. To avoid wasting money, you can take a jack from the player, and a plug from old headphones (cut off the insulation with a knife and solder the wires)

4) And of course the acoustic guitar that we want to remake into electro.

Working process:

-Take the speakers and unscrew the top cover, remove the membrane. We no longer need covers and membranes, although excellent picks can be cut from the membranes with simple scissors. The coil and thin wiring outgoing from it will become visible. All subsequent operations should be carried out carefully so as not to damage the winding on the reel.

- Clamp the speaker in a vice and saw off the threaded edges with a hacksaw for metal and round off a bit with a file for beauty (so that the strings do not cling)

- We are doing the same operations with the remaining speakers ... congratulations 3 pickups are ready. Here's what you should get:

Now they need to be connected in series (remember school physics courses =))

I will not show complex circuits, but simply sketch out how to connect the pickups and the rest of the rubbish:

Understood a bit? Now explain. We connect 3 pickups in series with wires, this is very easy to do since fasteners are bolts. Solder the plug to the shielded wire, and the socket to two wires extending from the extreme pickups. Next, solder the plug corresponding to the amplifier. Now it remains to fix the pickups on the guitar. This can be done with glue, plasticine, adhesive tape directly to the deck itself. Magnetic plates should be located along the strings. The pickups themselves are located with a ladder

For those who find it difficult to solder the plug:

The results of our efforts: now we can record the sound from the guitar on the computer using the sound recording program, connect to the center and change the equalizer settings, play loudly using the dividend. The sound will be like from acoustics but louder. To make a drop dead sound like an electric guitar you need a lotion. In the following articles I will tell you how to make a simple lotion with my own hands.

Conclusion: purchased pickups for an acoustic guitar cost 500-1000 p., and ours will cost no more than 100 rubles or even free if there were already all the components.

Article author: Makarov Kirill