Squeeze the last juice out of the battery

Alkaline batteries last quite a long time, but when their charge drops below one volt in most devices, they become useless. Usually such batteries are thrown away. I propose a more rational use of battery power and make a simple flashlight, which will work within 1-0.5 volts. Here is his device.

Please note that the light is quite bright. This is a common converter for an ultra bright LED. It is quite simple and requires a minimum of detail. I will not explain in detail how this converter works, you can find out about this in our last article, where we made a similar design. What we need:

The most important element in the manufacture is a transformer wound on a toroidal core. The core can be used similar, with a diameter of 0.5 to 3 centimeters of any magnetic permeability. The main thing is to wrap it correctly, carefully look at the drawings.

Wire for winding with a diameter of 0.1 - 1 mm. The transistor can be used by anyone, preferably with a lower opening voltage.

We collect:

Here is the following pattern:

If everything is assembled correctly, the circuit starts working immediately without settings or adjustments. Be careful and do not confuse the ends of the windings when connecting.