Odorless vacuum cleaner

If you are the owner of an inexpensive vacuum cleaner, then you know that during its operation the room is filled with the smell of dust. This is due to the fact that the filter of the vacuum cleaner cannot cope with small particles of dust and instead of eliminating them, on the contrary, they spread around the house. I will not talk about the dangers of these small particles, but simply offer a couple of tricks to reduce their spread.

The first, but very effective advice.

As you finish vacuuming, the concentration of dust in the air exceeds all conceivable and unimaginable standards. Therefore, after working with a vacuum cleaner, be sure to ventilate the room for 10-15 minutes, preferably through ventilation (by the way, this action is recommended to be done after any cleaning).

Second tip.

The second tip in dealing with fine dust particles is not effective, but gives a partial elimination of odor.

To do this, pour a handful of instant coffee into the dust bag (dust container) before vacuuming.

Third tip.

If you are going to vacuum the carpet (or something similar), sprinkle it from the sprayer with water (flowers are sprayed at home with such a sprayer), but do not overdo it. This method is effective, since water sticks small particles of dust in the bag, and they do not go outside. In addition, the humidity in the room increases, and the greater the humidity, the more difficult it is for dust to fly in the air and it begins to settle on various surfaces. And to erase dust from a surface just spit.