10 Watt LED Downlight

LEDs can be very effective and economical in long-term use. 10 Watt LED bulbs can replace 100 W or 30 W incandescent bulbs with a compact fluorescent lamp. Despite the relatively high initial cost, compared to other types of lamps, your electricity bill can be significantly reduced if you use these LED lamps yourself.

Here I will show you how to make your own stylish 10 watt LED downlight.

Necessary materials.

We will need:

1. The base of a burned-out energy-saving lamp.

2. Two captures (to connect to the LED);

3. Powerful ten-watt LED, color of your choice;

4. Two small screws;

5. One ten-watt LED driver;

6. Thermal grease;

7. Radiator from a video card;

8. Heat shrink tube (or insulating tape);

9. wires with a cross section of 2 mm.

10. Drilling machine.

First of all, we need to disassemble an old or burned out energy-saving lamp. Be careful not to damage the glass flask. Otherwise, mercury gas very harmful to health will come out of it.

We need only a part of the hull with a base. We cut off the motions from the board going to the socle and solder ours, coming from the LED driver, behind the heat-shrink tubing.

We will make a pair of holes for the wire with a soldering iron, which will hold the entire structure.

Next, in the center of the radiator (where the video card processor used to touch), we drill two holes for attaching the LED and cut the threads.

We plant an LED. To do this, grease both surfaces with thermal grease and tighten the LED tightly to the radiators.

Then we take the terminals, crimped, connected to the LED observing the polarity. We check. Some Chinese drivers give a slowdown of about 3 seconds, so if the LED does not light up immediately, wait a bit.

Do not try to look at the LED on. The light intensity is very high and can harm your eyes! If everything works, we assemble the lamp into a single whole. As in the picture.


The LED is very bright and casts sharp shadows. You can make the light smoother and softer using a makeshift diffuser.

Cut the bottom out of a two liter plastic bottle and sand it on all sides to give full opacity to direct light. Make four holes and attach to the radiator with wire. See the photo.

By making this lamp you will not only save your money, but also make our planet cleaner!